Slicked back hairstyles for women

Slick back

It is the best hairdo for all those women who are having a quite hectic schedule. You don’t need to spend too much time in wearing the style and it requires almost zero maintenance. To wear the style, your hair should be straight and smooth. If your hair are slightly wavy, you can make use of flat iron to make them straight. Use a hairspray to make them wet and then slick them back with the help of comb.

Slick back hairstyle2012 Slick back hairdo

Uneven dampness on the hair may also help you in getting a simple yet elegant head-turning hairstyle. Wet hair around the scalp gives you a tough look and the loose hair from the center to tip are curled into gorgeous natural looking waves.

Sleek Bun

Slicked back bun or French Twist has become the famous hair-do for women. Most of the female celebrities love to wear it on red carpet events. It is suitable for casual as well as formal events. It can even be worn at office to look formal yet stylish.

You can wear the style yourself at home. All the things you may need are comb, hair gel, bobby pins and hair clip. Apply the hair gel to your hair to make them deeply wet and then pull the hair backwards with the comb. Use the hair clip to tie the hair into a ponytail. Finally, twist the edges of the ponytail clockwise into a bun and lock it with bobby pins

Braided bun hairstyle 2012Bun with braids

With this hairstyle, you can also try deep side partition, middle partition or no partition depending on your face type. Make sure that the hairstyle is neat and perfectly polished with hair spray in order to avoid any flyaway strand.

Sleek ponytails and braids

Sleek ponytails and braids are in trend since many decades. Even this season, the styles are very likely to be worn in different ways by women. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Audrina Patridge are rocking the styles on the red carpet. To put on a ponytail, add some hair spray to your hair, comb them properly and then gather all the hair tightly at the back of the head securing it with a hair clip. For a braid, you will have to divide the hair of the ponytail into 3 strands and then twist the strands around each other.

Braided ponytailSleek ponytail hairs

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