Forever Young | Glamorous Women in their ’70s

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from left: Bridget Sojourner, Gitte Lee, and Beatrix Ost. Photo(s) pleasantness of Refinery29 and Advanced Style.

We’ve been all about a ’70s reconstruction this season–from tassel earrings, to height sandals. Just when we suspicion we’d explored each indentation and corner of this trend, along come a septuagenarians: women in their ’70s. These well-dressed ladies aren’t usually carrying a impulse either–they’ve been on-trend for decades.

Ari Cohen of Advanced Style and a friends during Refinery29 profiled 9 stylish comparison women and what creates them so fabulous. Model-activist Bridget Sojourner proudly calls herself an romantic opposite “Ageism,” while artist Beatrix Ost pulls off a turban improved than anyone we know. And we’re not a usually ones holding notice. French engineer Céline featured Gitte Lee in the Fall 2010 imitation ads.

With careers and conform chops to make any 20-something immature with envy, these ladies are vital explanation that character is truly timeless.

To learn some-more about Ari’s women, conduct over to Refinery29.

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