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Written by Tania Braukamper

There are fundamental risks with a plunging neckline, yet we don’t consider we need to spell out what they are. Suffice to contend some are dangers of an well-bred nature, where as others can regard a girl’s modesty. The plunging neckline is not for everyone. But there are ways to wear it that, for a willing, give it a moist refurbish as a fashion for tumble 2011, and many positively as an ongoing trend in open 2012.

After a mangle we’ll take we by examples of a matter cut for a entrance seasons, including a demeanour during who’s conceptualizing it and how they’ve finished it. And as always, we can keep adult with all a latest trends and information on how to character them by subscribing to’s newsletter.

3e37a gucci plunge dress Plunging neckline
At Gucci A/W ’11

The neckline plunge of 2011 / 2012 is not a dip neck. It’s a low cut V that ends somewhere between a breastbone and a naval. It’s glamorous nonetheless effortless, so works best with a easily loose fit rather than a gravity-defying, firmly propitious one.

To a uber-daring finish of a spectrum, Gucci put frocks on their autumn 2011 runway that were plunging in front, cut to a thigh, and (almost) ideal all over. While they were no reduction than monumental we can safely haven these for special occasions. J. Mendel’s some-more medium takes draped a physique in selected charm, distant some-more wise for a cold dusk in heaving beading and velvet, pairing plunging tops with ankle length bottoms. Elsewhere a lapse (yet again) of tuxedo sauce for women saw models matched adult in loose manly blazers with open necklines and unclothed skin below.

3e37a plunging suit jacket Plunging neckline
Plunging neckline fit coupler during Hakaan A/W ’11

I’ll contend it upfront: a best proceed to wear a thrust is sans bra. Going braless means smooth, consecutive lines. It means no fussing about with stick-on bralets or transparent adjoining straps – while these solutions can work, they’ll never utterly advise a same flexibility as throwing on a plunging tip and facing a titillate to covering it over something else.

The other and maybe improved resolution to wearing a bra and perplexing to make it invisible is to wear a bra and make it a conflicting of invisible. Make it uncover and make it obvious. Choose a kind of underwear that’s done to be seen: a soothing edging triangle bra, a confidant cutaway piece, one with a really counsel imitation – and let it accidentally sight out from next your plunging tip or dress.

3e37a leopard bra Plunging neckline
Stella McCartney plunging dress and unprotected leopard bra, ragged by Hanneli

A plunging neckline and a creeping dress hem make for dangerous bedfellows. Together they work wonders if we have a modelesque, beanpole figure, yet a existence is that for many a improved to change out a skin on tip with a some-more medium bottom.

That’s where 2011′s trend towards 1970s fashion comes into play.

The ideal accompaniment to a low-cut tip is a maxi skirt, or a intelligent span of wide leg pants. The latter demeanour will also lift we over into a demeanour that screams thirties shade starlet as a 20s/30s strut their proceed behind into fashion.

e68c5 plunging neck dress Plunging neckline
Plunging neckline dress from J Mendel A/W ’11

So how to wear a plunging neckline when a breeze is floating and a leaves are falling? In autumn / tumble 2011 demeanour for heavier fabrics like knits, velvet, and luxe jersey. Winter is also a ideal time to gain on a indulgence of branch something manly into something delicate by creation a low-buttoning fit coupler an dusk surrogate for a dress. Finally a movement on a unclothed plunging neck is one that’s finished with sheer fabric like filigree or lace, giving some coverage to skin that would differently be bare.

e68c5 winter plunging neckline Plunging neckline
Plunge dress during J Mendel A/W ’11

For spring / summer it’s easier to get divided with a plunging neck and a shorter skirt, yet if we do so remember that a loose cut is pivotal to gripping it effortless. Look for spacious fabrics and soothing colours, or splendid valuables tones that give a plunging neck an outlandish feel.

9cca1 summer plunging neckline Plunging neckline
Plunging neckline dress for summer: Gail Sorronda S/S ’11

For some-more impulse on how to wear and character a plunging neckline in 2011, click on a thumbnails and peruse a gallery of examples from off a runways.


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3258e Tania Braukamper Plunging necklineWritten by Tania Braukämper.

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